Does your heart beat for yourself, or for others too?

The formation of the Heart Valve Bank is in direct response to the call for Medicare in society from Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This is the only Bank of its kind in the United Kingdom. Its aim is to save lives by bringing free health care to the poor without any discrimination of caste, colour or creed and to provide this assistance globally.

Love all, serve all is the guiding principle enabling man to build a truly heart-to-heart relationship with God by serving others.

Blood Bank gives Blood,
Eye Bank gives Sight,
Heart Valve Bank gives Life,
Life is God
Live in God

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Thought for the day

God draws the individual towards Himself. It is the nature of both to have this mutual affinity; they are just like the iron and magnet. But if the iron is rusty, covered with layers of dirt, the magnet is unable to attract. Remove the impurities, then you will shine forth in your real nature and the Lord will draw you unto Him. Spiritual practices (Sadhana) should result in inner as well as external cleanliness. You do not feel refreshed if you wear unwashed clothes after your bath. Nor do you feel clean if you wear washed clothes, but skip taking bath. Hence, both are needed – the baahya (external) and the bhaava (internal). Trials and tribulations are the means by which this cleansing is done. They are like the dietary and other restrictions prescribed to supplement the effect of the drug of Namasmarana (remembrance of God).

- Baba