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HVB Update - November 2016

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Aum Sri Sai Ram

General news

The projects undertaken and facilitated by HVB is making a significant positive impact on the lives of people of all ages who have benefitted from healthcare support. These range from lifesaving operations, cancer treatment, heart and eye surgeries, general medical and dental care, and others to name a few.

Our heartfelt thanks to all members of HVB who share in our vision for a better future for the less privileged population living in remote places in India.

The Virat Hospice, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

This sister organisation of our hospice, vanvasi ashram, celebrates the 17th anniversary of service to the poor and needy students from tribal areas and labour class families. The CEO of the organisation, has extended her heartfelt thanks to HVB and other organisations for their unending love and support. They are planning to celebrate the occasion with a cultural programme and prize giving function.

To-date over 580 people have benefitted from the loving care and support provided by the hospice. New cases are more and more challenging. Recently, a new patient with oral cancer was admitted and the staff removed 380 maggots from the wound in the first dressing at the hospice. The wound was very painful and stinking. This is the only hospice in the region that removes maggots and after 6 dressings the patient was able to get some sleep. We thank HVB supporters without whom such care would not be possible.

We wish to thank our Lord for allowing HVB members to witness the amazing care provided by all the staff at this rapidly expanding hospice.

Fortis heart Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Dr Vijay Agarwal continues to perform challenging heart surgeries in children at the Fortis hospital in Mumbai. HVB facilitated one such surgery in which a father decided to donate heart of his 21year son to a 10-year- old child who was in Dr Agarwal’s waiting list. Whilst HVB was the recipient of the heart, another institution in Delhi was the recipient of the boy’s liver. Ironically this father had lost his first son exactly two years ago on the same day and chose not to donate the organs at that time. One cannot imagine the pain and anguish suffered by this family.

Dr Agarwal and his eminent team at the hospital are now officially the largest single centre in India with paediatric heart transplant experience.

Currently, HVB is in the midst of arranging treatment for a 1 year old boy from village Yavatmat- Maharashtra for further treatment and potential open heart surgery. Initially the boy was to be treated in Rajkot Hospital, however, due to some equipment issue this was not possible.

Sri Sathya Sai Eye Hospital, Surat, Gujarat

The State president of SSS Seva Organisation-Gujarat reported that 68 eye surgeries were completed in September 2016 and 72 surgeries were in October 2016 at this hospital.

Over the last few years the waiting list for eye surgeries has been getting longer and longer. Approximately five years ago HVB facilitated the purchase of a Phaco machine for Surat Eye Hospital- Gujarat. The machine facilitates removal of cataracts in eyes. It has been decided that HVB will fund a second Phaco eye surgery machine which will considerably reduce the waiting list and provide state of art eye care to the most vulnerable and needy people. Phacoemulsification is a modern cataract surgery in which the damaged eye lens is emulsified and removed using ultrasonic handpiece. An intraocular lens implant (IOL) is then inserted in the eye to secure vision.

Dr Arpanaben, eye specialist from Mumbai (wife of paediatric heart surgeon Dr Vijay Agarwal) visited this hospital in Surat few weeks ago to perform eye surgeries to the needy people.

Sri Sathya Sai Dharamshala Dental Clinic, Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh

The management at the clinic reported that dental treatment was given free of charge to 361 patients in September 2016 and 315 patients in October 2016. He thanked HVB for supporting the clinic.

Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Ch. Pothapalli, Andhra Pradesh

The team at Pothapalli hospital has profusely thanked HVB for the kind contribution towards this hospital which is a living testimony of Bhagawan Baba’s legacy in rural India.

128 villages are the lucky recipients of care provided by this hospital which is maintained by HVB

This hospital performs regular monthly general medical and eye camps in remote villages.

87 people were tested in September eye camp of which 8 will need operation.

This hospital is acclaimed as the Model Village in the States in India.

From October 2016 hospital will help poor farmers improve their agriculture industry by means of providing seeds, pesticides and improving general farming methods.

HVB continues to care and support the poor and needy in the spirit of Love All, Serve All. Hands that pray are holier than lips that pray.

We thank our beloved Lord for allowing all of us at HVB to participate and witness the wonderful work He is undertaking.

Pinakin Shah

November 2016

A message from Swami Gyaneshwari - Head of Project Virat

We received this message from Swami Gyaneshwari and wanted to share it with all of you:


My dear friends,


Without the generosity we have received, we would have no story to tell. But with it, our story is extraordinary. Our school is flourishing. We, the members of Brahmrishi Mission Samiti Jabalpur, have seen our school grow in 15 years from ten students to above 500 including a hostel for 55 boys.

Our hospice program has grown from a totally unfamiliar idea to a great shelter for hundreds of souls. Virat Hospice started only three and a half years ago with eight beds. The facility has expanded to 18 beds and has served 550 terminally ill cancer patients, helping them toward a peaceful and dignified end of life. We could not imagine those years without you. The years would not have existed, nor would we have dared dream of such success.

Recently, four of our class 12 students were awarded laptops by the state government for achieving marks above 85%. These students, born in villages where no one knew of college, are receiving such outstanding recognition. The hard work of our Principal Swami Maitreyi ji and her staff members have created the best school in the area. The number of girls is increasing as the value of education for women is being recognized. Interest has grown because we provide high quality in all areas of academics, sports, arts and culture. Unfortunately, we cannot serve all those who wish to attend because of the limitations of space and staff. Our community believes our staff is doing this work, but what we offer is only possible because of your humble, loving and generous contributions.

We felt compelled to start Virat Hospice in spite of a lack of funds. In addition, hospice was a new concept for our culture, one that was barely comprehensible. The consolation of our success is that we have bought land and are now building a campus to serve cancer patients and their families. We will offer more thorough and complete services to alleviate the suffering of the terminally ill and their caregivers.

Thank you all from the depth of our hearts for your love, support and generosity. The impact of your support within our community is immeasurable. When our students smile in happiness, that gift is for you. The gratitude of our cancer patients and their families is for you. We recognize your support as a divine service that nurtures and encourages us. We extend our appreciation and blessings to you and all your loved ones.

From all students, faculty, staff, management, patients and families, Jai Virat.

You can contact the trustees about Project Virat or any other project:

HVB Update - September 2016

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Aum Sri Sai Ram

General news

All our Heart Valve Bank projects are progressing very well. Due to the kindness of our devotees at HVB our funds are making a great impact in people’s lives, almost all of them in the poor and remote areas of India. Following are brief reports and pictures sent by their dedicated teams.

The Virat Hospice, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

The hospice continues to do a sterling job under the leadership of Gyaneshwari Didiji despite the fact it is situated on the outskirts of Jabalpur. New road has been built in the area outside hospice which will make transport for patients and goods much easier. In addition the hospice has built their own road inside the campus. Second floor of their new school building is almost completed and will result in accommodating more children.

Construction work is also going on in hospice campus. At present hospice cares for 17 patients with the help of 11 attendants. More than 535 patients so far have been fortunate enough to be cared for in this institution.

Fortis Heart Hospital, Mullund, Mumbai

The Society for Heart Failure and Transplantation in India organised a Conference in Cochin, India in Sept 2016 and honoured Dr Vijay Agarwal for the tremendous work he has carried out in this field. We wish him the very best in future. All of us in HVB are very proud of him and his excellent team.

Dr Vijay Agarwal and his team have performed outstanding and complex heart surgeries recently on little patients. Heart valve bank is one of the many contributors which provides financial support to this hospital as patients do not pay any charges.

A 19 yr old youth Kivan Gajera collapsed and had a brain clot following a boxing match. He was rushed to local hospital and later to specialist hospital in Surat for emergency op but surgeons could not save him and was declared brain dead, His family decided to donate several key organs to save many lives. A 15 yr old teenager in Ahmednagar who was on heart transplant waiting list for 4 months was the lucky recipient of Kivan’s heart. The heart was flown from Surat to Mumbai in 2 hours. A green corridor was created between Mumbai airport and Mullund hospital and the heart arrived in 27 minutes. This was Mumbai’s 6th paediatric heart transplant operation.

The sixth paediatric heart transplant was performed by Dr Agarwal on Master Suneil, a 17 year old male weighing 30 kg. on 15/9/16.

The latest amazing operation carried out by Dr Agarwal was on a young boy who had multiple heart defects and the chances of survival were less than 10%. The operation was a success.

Meanwhile, Dr Agarwal has decided to hold a free check up heart camp for children in Surat in December 2016. This is the place where HVB sponsor eye operations under the leadership of Mr Manohar Trikannad. Whilst in Surat Dr Agarwal witnessed and mentioned the tremendous work done by the eye clinic.

On the day Mr Ajit Popat gave a beautiful discourse to the devotees in the Sai Hall.

Sri Sathya Sai Eye Hospital, Surat, Gujarat

Mr Manohar G Trikannad, State President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Gujarat wrote that 85 eye operations were carried out in July 2016 and further 68 in August 2016.

The hospital needs a new Phaco eye machine which costs Rs 10 Lac and HVB have decided to purchase it and donate to the hospital. They perform 1200 operations every year free of cost to the patients

Sri Sathya Sai Dharamshala Dental Clinic, Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh

Shri Sai Krishna reported that 246 patients were treated in July 2016 and 317 in August 2016

During a recent visit to Puttaparthi Shri Krishna gave a detailed tour to Pinakin Shah showing the daily operation of the clinic, the staff, equipment and facilities in Dharamshala in general. Two dental treatment rooms provide complete free dental care to patients who come from Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh and beyond. It was a humbling experience. Shri Krishna is expanding the clinic for a third room to allow a general physician to take care of people’s general medical care, again free of charge.

Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Ch. Pothapalli, Andhra Pradesh

This Church Pothapalli hospital has grown with many facilities and is acclaimed as the Model Village in Andhra Pradesh as well as in other states.

The staff of the hospital carry out atleast six medical camps every month in the name of Sri Sathya Sai Medical Centers in surrounding villages benefiting many people. Special eye camps have also been carried out and typically 100 patients are seen.

Pinakin Shah

HVB Update - July 2016

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Aum Sri Sai Ram

General news

HVB made a timely contribution to a patient who underwent surgery and radiotherapy due to the cancer spreading in his tongue. The patient has informed HVB that his main treatment is over and recovering well due to help extended by HVB and grace of our beloved Bhagawan Baba. He expresses his sincere gratitude and thanks.

The State President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation (Maharashtra and Goa) Sri Ramesh Sawant had approached HVB for help in the severe drought affected areas in Maharashtra in May 2016. 14,000 villages were affected. Without water people were dying and farmers committing suicide. A few young devotees in UK quickly rose to the occasion for this noble cause and in a very short time generously raised a huge amount of Rs 10 lacs which was transferred by the HVB to the authorities concerned. Special thanks go out to these kind donors and may Swami bless them graciously.

The Virat Hospice, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Swami Gyaneshwari Didi reported that 482 patients have registered at the Virat Hospice since inception on 3 April 2013. Terminally ill cancer patients come from 27 districts besides Jabalpur making this hospice an important hub in M.P. state. Patients get the most loving care possible and it has been noted that at least 46 different types of cancers have been diagnosed in the inmates.

From January-December 2015 190 patients were treated of which 98 were females and 92 males. At present there are 15 patients.

They have started Out Patient Department at their new buildings and already 100 patients have benefitted from their care. In addition there will be a cancer prevention centre.

Dr Akhilesh Gumashta, Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon and Traumatologist is the Medical Director of the Hospice. He wrote that HVB contributions have gone a long way in rendering humanitarian seva by looking after the need of patients.

Fortis Heart Hospital, Mullund, Mumbai

Dr Vijay Agarwal, Head of Paediatric Cardiac Care and Director of Fortis Hospital, wrote that following no of patients have been treated:

YearNumber of Patients
Up till May 2016176

  • In all 1287 cases have been performed with a very low rate 3% morbidity rate.
  • About 32-35 cases are treated every month.
  • Weight of operated patients is about 1-5 kg.
  • Average stay in ICU is 5-7 days.
  • Average intubation time is 8 hrs but can be up to 12 hrs in some cases.
  • The team organise 12-15 medical camps for poor patients.

Main cardiac surgeries are, Atrial Septal Defect, Ventricular Septal Defect, Tetralogy of Fallot, Arterial Switch operation, Atrio Ventricular Canal (hole in heart), Mitral Valve repair, TAPVC, BDG, PPI, Heart transplants, Double Switch and others.

This hospital has started a Paediatric heart transplant programme and have already done 4 transplants in last 6 mths.

In June 2016 Dr Agarwal sought urgent and special help from HVB when two young children who needed complicated heart surgery approached his hospital. These infants were earlier placed in long waiting list in another heart hospital based in Raipur.

First child was 18 mth female, Ahista Parveen, who needed Arterial switch, VSD, and PDA ligation. Unfortunately this child arrived late to this esteemed surgeon and surgery was not possible. (Readers please note time is of the essence and help should be offered as soon as possible, little delay and we have life and death situation).

Second child was 10 mth old male Little Patel who needed Truncus Repair, a congenital heart defect where major heart arteries are missing at birth and presence of hole in the heart. Heart-lung machine is also required. Although this child arrive late his prognosis was better and Dr Agarwal and his team rapidly performed the operation. Normally this op is done when child is 2 mths old.

Looking at various types of surgeries performed in very young children gives us great delight and one can imagine the immense relief and joy in patients’ families.

Sunshine Heart Hospital, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Dr Anil Kumar Mulpur, Chief Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Sunshine Hospitals, reported that he performed heart operations on 7 patients in October-December 2015. From January-May 2016 a further 16 patients benefitted due to Dr Anil Kumar’s gracious efforts. All these patients got direct help from HVB.

The cardiac procedures performed include mitral valve replacement, aortic valve replacement, double valve replacement pacemaker implants and various other complicated procedures. The bioprosthetic valves mentioned in above cases were sponsored by HVB.

We thank Dr Anil Kumar Mulpur and his excellent team for saving so many lives and the joy this results in patient’s families.

Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital- Ch. Pothapalli, Andhra Pradesh

HVB constructed this hospital and changed an entire village and now this village has emerged as Sri Sathya Sai Model village and giving inspiration to many devotees. In fact it gives medical help to 128 neighbouring villages, The hospital is growing so fast and are praying to Swami and have approached HVB to help construct the first floor.

Mr Kishoore Chelikani from the hospital has sent the following highlights to HVB:

  1. 184,427 patients seen since inception on 14/2/2009
  2. 35,750 out patients seen in 2015
  3. 13,105 patients seen from Jan-June 2016
  4. 24 medical camps done in Tribal villages in 2015
  5. 55 medical camps in 2015 and 6 so far in 2016
  6. 132 eye operations done in 2015 and 41 so far in 2016
  7. Patients coming from 128 villages

Sri Sathya Sai Eye Hospital, Surat

Mr Manohar Trikannad reported that in June 2016, 526 patients were seen and 86 operations carried out.

In 2015, 5102 patients were seen and 741 eye operations performed.

Sri Sathya Sai Dharamsala Dental Clinic, Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh

Mr Sai Krishna reported that 307 patients were treated in June 2016.

In all 3085 patients have been treated in year 2015.

They carry out routine examinations, fillings, extractions, scaling and emergency care.

All treatment is provided free of charge.

Pinakin Shah

July 2016


...The journey so far... ...and the future...

Dear All,

Aum Sri Sai Ram

All the HVB members, have been participating silently in fantastic seva being carried out via Virat since June 2013.

You all are probably aware of the ongoing association between HVB and Virat.

You will perhaps recall the announcement Ajitbhai made during the 10th anniversary programme that it would be "highly desirable for HVB to participate in some kind of charitable activity in the field of cancer" a very spontaneous, unplanned thought and a wish at that moment in time.

It was almost like his prayers were heard and answered instantly. Within one week of that announcement HVB was blessed to facilitate support to a cancer patient, in Puttaparthi of all the places! The following week we received an email from an unknown individual from the who was inspired to watch the 10th Anniversary programme on internet following which he contacted HVB trustees via our website.

...The seeds were planted - so to speak...

Following a 3-hour meeting at Sai Kutir with the individual who had sent the email, HVB was directed towards an unknown village, - Jabalpur- in India where "some" work was being undertaken by a local charity for cancer patients.

Ajitbhai in his typical fashion seized the opportunity, treating it as Baba’s blessing decided to participate in any which way we could.

Thus was born a care centre now known as VIRAT HOSPICE. HVB became a vehicle - Baba's chosen vehicle- to provide assistance and support to this small "outfit".

Virat is doing some great work and providing service to the poorest of the poor ill trodden beings. Their philosophy is very much similar to that of HVB, and to that natter similar to the way Baba’s institutes are operating – providing service at zero cost to the recipients.

Virat offers physical, moral, mental and emotional wellbeing to the residents; provides balanced and medically approved diet, offer supportive medicines and gives special care. Virat also runs a free ambulance service, regular medical check-up, palliative care consultation.

Care for terminally ill cancer patients is a dire necessity in India. The most delicate matter is to offer patients and their relatives emotional support and sustained mental strength.

Care that offers “Peace” to those who are going towards their “Final Home” and “Dignified Care” during their transition.

As we approach the 3rd anniversary of HVB’s association with VIRAT, I share with you the milestones achieved...

With the grace and the blessings of our beloved Baba, VIRAT is making progress in leaps and bounds.

At the time HVB joined forces with Virat it was a 2 bed “care centre” which soon became 4 bed and then 6 beds and now 18 beds hospice, with occupancy rate of +100% most of the time. The future plan is to relocate to a bigger and better location from the current site which is rented residential dwelling.

The current 18 beds hospice is running exceptionally well and the demands on the hospice is high and increasing day by day. The local community have been observing and witnessed the phenomenal selfless seva activity being undertaken by the dedicated hardworking team of Virat and in return have reciprocated with their own support.

Last week the trustees of HVB met with a delegation from Virat primarily to discuss the current status of ongoing activities and further future plans.

HVB cemented further its tie up with Virat by way of pledging support for further expansion to accommodate 40 beds / patients.

As Baba says "You take one step and I will take 100". What further proof do we require then our association with Virat.

We did not even have to take ONE step... Just a thought... a wish... and heartfelt desire... and 3 years on Virat is in the midst of constructing a building on a 3-acre plot of land acquired only a few weeks ago with construction already under way and phase one due for completion by October...

...Yes, October 2016...

This is possible as we all are aware of the speed at which our Beloved operates. The speed at which the super specialty hospital was built is a shining example. There is absolutely no doubt we will achieve the milestone, as HVB, Baba’s chosen vehicle, is involved in the project.

At the new site, once fully operational, not only there will be facilities for cancer patients but there will also be an out patients’ department (OPD) for the local community and surrounding villagers to receive free medical consultation and free medicines.

In acknowledging HVB’s support and taking into consideration the leading role undertaken by HVB so far, the Virat team has decided to make HVB their collaborating sister concern, with a further request of taking a seat on their board of trustees.

They have decided to dedicate and name after HVB the soon to be opened Cancer Prevention Centre.

VIRAT truly epitomises that "WITH GOD THERE IS NO FAILURE!"

Glory to our Beloved Master...

Baba Tusi great Ho !

Jai Sai Ram

Pradeep Chotai
June 2016

HVB Update - May 2016

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Sunshine Heart Hospital, Hyderabad, A. P.

Dr Anil Kumar Mulpur performs several heart surgeries every day and few are done with direct support from HVB

Fortis Heart Hospital, Vasai, Mullund, Mumbai

Dr Vijay Agarwal continues to do all kinds of heart operations such as transplants, valvular repairs,etc every day and a few are done with support of HVB. He performed 35 cases each in April and May. He will be visiting Sathya Raipur to provide help and assist heart transplant programme. Some of his cases were very complex but all successful.

The Virat Hospice, Jabalpur, M. P.

Virat Hospice delegation of 6 people met with the HVB trustees on 2/6/2016 in London and discussed updates and future plans, joint projects. Br Vivek Singh led the team and gave a presentation on the staffing, care given at the hospice, their new premises on newly acquired land and many subtleties were discussed by both sides on an interactive basis. Hospice will increase their capacity from 18 beds to 40 when construction is over. They have already started seeing patients at the new OPD-outpatient department at new site. There will be a cancer prevention centre as well.

Gyaneswari Didi, leader of Virat hospice joined in from India by skype.

She reported that 457 patients have now been cared for at the hospice since they started three years ago on 3/4/2013. She thanked HVB profusely as otherwise they would not have given solace to numerous souls. HVB would like to thank all their members for their continued support.

Sri Sathya Sai Eye Hospital, Surat, Gujarat

Sri Manohar Trikannad reported completion of 75 surgeries in April 2016, and 25 surgeries in May 2016 at the eye hospital. There was a two week holiday in May.

Sri Parthi Sai Dharamsala Dental Clinic, Puttaparthi, A. P.

Sri Sai Krishna reported 212 patients were treated in April 2016 and 294 in May 2016

Sri Sathya Sai Hospital, ch. Potapalli, A. P.

200 patients are seen daily with free medication is given

In addition, HVB has privately treated number of cancer patients and saved their lives which has improved the welfare of their families

HVB Update - March 2016

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SSSCT, Prasanthi Nilayam

HVB have informed SSSCT in Prasanthi Nilayam that after a lot of deliberation and with a very heavy heart it will not take part in Grama Seva in 2016 and beyond.

HVB thank Sri Muthu for giving his valuable time and expertise in ensuring Grama Seva work was carried out at the highest level with love and reverence as per our Swami’s divine guidance and instructions. We pray Swami blesses Sri Muthu in abundance.

Sunshine Heart Hospital, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Dr Anil Kumar Mulpur informed that 20 free heart operations were carried out wherein the HVB sponsored all the bioprosthetic heart valves in patients. He has asked HVB to pay the hospital directly from 1/4/16 which is start of their new financial year. There has been reorganisation in hospital trustees and board of directors. is new email is:

Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital, Rajkot, Gujarat

Sri Kanubhai Patel reported that 267 patients were seen during a heart camp they carried out in Indore, MP state on 28/2/16. Of these 48 have already been operated on besides their regular ones they see from other states. They are building a new hospital in Ahmedabad and hope to have it ready by July 2016.

A Sai devotee old lady from London heard about this hospital during her recent visit in Gujarat and was so impressed by its record of service for last 16 years that she donated all her personal savings of 34 lakh rupees. What a magnificent gesture and we pray that our Swami blesses her profusely. This hospital does not get help from government or central trust in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Our immense thanks to all HVB wellwishers for supporting such institutions.

The Virat Hospice, Jabalpur, M.P. state

Swami Gyaneshwari informed they have completed 3 years or service and thanked HVB as it would not have been possible without our help and support. They have treated 400 terminally ill patients and their bereaved families. Some of the deceased had no families and hospital volunteers gave them proper burials with full dignity.The hospice sent an invitation to hvb as they are celebrating third anniversary on 3/4/16.

Sri Sathya Sai Eye Hospital, Surat, Gujarat

Sri Manohar reported 61 eye surgeries done in Jan 2016, and 73 in Feb 2016

Sri Parthi Sai Dharamsala Dental Clinic, Puttaparthi

Sri Sai Krishna reported 253 patients treated in Feb 2016 and 251 in March 2016

HVB Update - January 2016

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Sri Sathya Sai Eye Hospital, Surat

61 surgeries were completed in January 2016

Fortis Heart Hospital, Vasai, Mullund, Mumbai

Dr Vijay Aggarwal reported that 50-60% of their work is funded by charitable individuals and organisations such as HVB. He performed another heart transplant on a 7 year old girl Madhvi. She got heart from an Indian boy staying in Australia who was visiting Mumbai with his parents. He developed headache, was taken to Hinduja hospital in Mumbai where doctors found bleeding in brain. Child’s condition deteriorated rapidly and he went into coma and brain death. The parents were shocked as he was fine hours earlier but decided to donate his organs as the son had requested this idea to his parents just before they left Australia. Parents were puzzled at the time not understanding why the son spoke like this. With god’s grace heart recipient Madhvi is doing well.

The Virat Hospice, Jabalpur, M P State

The hospice continues to run smoothly with plans for expansion and help coming from locals, other parts of India and from abroad. A leading construction company and helping hand group donated 15 semi fowler beds and oxygen concentrator. The hospice has thanked HVB for receiving support and encouragement.

The number of patients treated are 190 males and 189 females, totalling 379.

Currently 15 patients are being cared for in the hospice with age range from 24-70 years. Patients come from Jabalpur and neighbouring districts and inmates have all types of cancer.

Sri Parthi Sai Dharamsala Dental Clinic, Puttaparthi

195 patients seen in November 2015, and 244 in December 2015. Total seen 3085 in year 2015. Sri Sai Krishna reported that there is an excessive demand for extractions and fillings.

Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Ch. Pothapalli, Andhra Pradesh

14th February 2016 was the seventh anniversary of this hospital. Sri Kishoore Chelikani thanked Heart Valve Bank (UK) for constructing and maintaining this Swami’s hospital. He also singled out his thanks to Sri Ajit Popat for being chosen as our dear lord’s divine instrument. Important milestones reached:

  • 171,322 patients seen since inception in 14/02/2009
  • 35,570 patients seen in 2015
  • 24 medical camps held in remote tribal villages in 2014
  • 132 eye operations performed
  • 55 medical camps held in 2015
  • 5489 lab tests done in 2015

HVB Update - January 2016

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Fortis Heart Hospital, Vasai, Mulund,Mumbai, India

Dr Vijay Agarwal, paediatric cardiac surgeon, performed the first child heart transplant in East and West India.

He got a donor from Choitaram Hospital in Indore of a 20 year old brain dead girl suffering from epilepsy and who fell and had brain injury. Her parents decided to donate her organs and her heat was available for a 15 year old girl in Mumbai called Sweden D’Souza who was suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy, a disease of heart muscle. The heart was rapidly transferred from Indore to Mumbai in under two hours by a commecial flight covering 546 km. A green corridor was created and ambulance took only 14 minutes to transport organ from Mumbai airport to Mulund hospital.The patient was called in and taken to operation theatre early Sunday morning 3rd Jan 2016, with a promise of only 3 lakh rupees from her parents for a 25 lakh rupees operation. Hospital management kindly complied and allowed to go ahead as time was of the essence. Dr Agarwal implanted the new heart same day and patient was off the ventilator next day having a speedy recovery. It is hoped the discharge will take place within three weeks.

Dr Vijay Agarwal was happy and overwhelmed to share the above news as this was first ever child heart transplant in west, east or central India. Less than five have been done in Delhi and Chennai combined. He had to wait three years and had the frustration of watching three of his children die before he could save Sweden.

Everyone in Heart Valve Bank salute Dr Vijay and his fantastic team and Fortis Heart Hospital management to make this miracle happen.

We thank all HVB members for their continued support and best wishes as it has made great impact in many peoples lives. We are truly grateful to Swami for allowing us to be His instruments as HVB is His creation.

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Sri Sathya Sai Eye Hospital, Surat, India

70 surgeries were performed in month of December 2015

Sri Parthi Sai Dharamsala Dental Clinic, Puttaparthi, India

The clinic treated 244 patients in December 2015, making a grand total of 3085 patients for the year 2015.

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Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Ch. Pothapalli, Andhra Pradesh, India

The database of this hospital has revealed that people are attending from at least 129 surrounding villages, some as far as 70kms away. These patients prefer to be treated here rather than going to their local government and private hospitals. These patients have faith in Swami’s hospital as here they feel their diabetes is better managed and controlled.

32,949 patients have been served in year ending 23/12/2015.

From 2009 to December 2015, so far 168,521 patients have been treated.

In addition the hospital is running two Sri Sathya Sai Satellite Medical Centers, photos at the Facebook page for the Sri Sathya Sai satellite medical clinic

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