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Heart Valve Bank Update May – 2018

Aum Sri Sai Ram

General News

Our HVB projects continue to make great strides across India enabling the very poor, ill and elderly people to improve quality of their lives. The projects range from lifesaving operations, cancer therapy, hospice care, heart and eye surgeries, preventive medicine, general medical and dental treatment and provision of food and clothing. Our main focus is Medicare and Sociocare.

HVB wish to express our sincere thanks to all members for assisting us in these humanitarian projects and this would not be possible without the blessings of our dearest Bhagawan Baba.

Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana Day Mahotsavam

Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, Prasanthi Nilayam kindly allowed HVB to participate in the Narayana Seva during the recent Sai Aradhana Day in Puttaparthi, India.

HVB generously contributed towards feeding more than 50,000 people in the Hill View Stadium. It was also a privilege as we distributed dhotis and sarees to these men and women who came from poorer sections of the society.

The Virat Hospice, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

The Virat Hospice celebrated their fifth anniversary in April 2018 and in this short period they have built their own state of art hospice and medical facility. Terminally ill patients are given full nursing care 24 hours a day. A new block is being constructed for paraplegic patients with full physiotherapy unit.

The hospice has cared for over 870 terminally ill patients since April 2018. This is a staggering figure reflecting the dedicated service by the Virat team. The new block has modern 24 bed capacity in a clean environment and is almost daily full.

As all the beds are now fully occupied and a waiting list in place for new admissions, the hospice has now decided to provide Cancer Prevention Centre. This is under construction and will provide preventive medicine, health education, workshops and seminars.

The CEO of hospice did invite HVB to join in their anniversary celebrations and has expressed thanks on behalf of her whole team stating they would not have progressed so far without our help.

On another note the CEO, Gyaneshwari Didi, was invited to an event organised by the Madhya Pradesh state government where she was awarded the Ojaswini Shikhar Sewa Alankaran. This is indeed a great honour to this inspiring leader and HVB offer her our heartiest congratulations.

Fortis Heart Hospital, Mullund, Mumbai

Dr Vijay Agarwal, Consultant paediatric cardiac surgeon has performed numerous and often extremely complex heart surgeries in infants and children with great success. Surgeries are done in congenitally defective hearts where the major blood vessels and chambers are malformed, blocked or missing and lifesaving operations have to be done very quickly to save the ailing children.

HVB continue to assist Dr Agarwal and his team by sponsoring some of these operations.

Sri Sathya Sai Hospital, Surat, Gujarat

The State President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva organisation in Gujarat reported numbers of eye surgeries carried out at this hospital- 34 in October 2017, 33 in November 2017, 86 in December 2017, 61 in January 2018, 63 in February 2018, 79 in March 2018 and 77 in April 2018.

He further reported that 10,012 cataract operations have been performed by the hospital so far making a huge impact in the lives of these individuals and of course their families.

HVB have donated two Phaco machines to this hospital. This machine helps in the removal of cataracts and provides state of art eye care to the needy and vulnerable people.

Phaco emulsification is a modern cataract surgery in which the damaged eye lens is emulsified and removed using an ultrasound handpiece.

HVB have donated a dental chair with supporting equipment to Gujarat state and this is used to carry out free dental treatment by chosen volunteer dentists.

Sri Sathya Sai Dharamshala Dental Clinic, Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh

Free dental care is provided in this clinic - consisting of examinations, fillings, scaling, extractions, root canal treatment and emergencies. This year, 362 patients were seen in January, 362 in February, 501 in March and 452 in April.

Demand has been increasing steadily and the clinic has two treatment rooms. It is open six days a week to accommodate the demand from patients.

The management at the clinic have thanked HVB for the continued support.

Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Ch. Pothapalli, Andhra Pradesh

Sri Satya Sai Baba blessed this hospital and hundreds of patients have been treated free of charge every month some of whom come as far away as 70 kms.

Over 240,000 needy people have accessed this medical facility since it’s opening in 2009. 32,346 patients have been treated in 2016 and 33,989 in 2017.

The hospital conducts several medical camps every month in remote villages where over 1000 patients are given treatment and advice. Over 100 eye operations are carried out every month. The general hospital and its subsidiary projects has been accredited as a Model Village as their services have expanded from medical, social and educational spheres of life benefitting thousands of people.

The hospital itself has taken steps to expand facilities by constructing a Girls Orphanage, Veda Patsala, secondary school, Gokulam for cow welfare, temples and giving free meals to patients and temple devotees. All work is done in spirit of sacrifice giving immense joy to the needy people of villages.

The hospital has thanked HVB for giving them assistance and enabling it to provide various kinds of help to the needy villagers.

Other activities sponsored by HVB

  1. Sri Aurobindo Society –the HVB have donated an ambulance to the Aurobindo Society in Puducherry (Pondicherry) enabling them to undertake their daily tasks efficiently
  2. Distribution of school uniform at Bukkapatnam School
  3. Mobile Medical Care Project – Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust in Mumbai
  4. Medical camps carried out in Mumbai and Goa by SSSSO
  5. SSS Sadhana Trust for Nitya Anna Seva meals donation programme
  6. Narayana Seva in Mumbai and surrounding areas on a monthly basis
  7. Direct support to individuals and likeminded organisations who need financial support for treatment of serious medical care

Trustees - Heart Valve Bank

A Reflection on 2017 and our update for January 2018

Aum Sri Sai Ram

The trustees of Heart Valve Bank would like to take this opportunity to wish all the members and well-wishers a very Happy New Year, Good Health and Prosperity.

In this edition of the update we will be reflecting on our accomplishments of 2017 and plans for 2018.

2017 saw HVB's ongoing focus in the areas of Medicare and Sociocare. Our projects have made a significant contribution to the well-being of the less privileged and elderly members of the community in India.



We would like to share some very good news that HVB is the lucky recipient of a donation of $10,000 from an American multinational company IQVIA (IMS Health and Quintiles). IQVIA is one of the largest clinical outsourcing companies and is a global healthcare provider of integrated information and technology-enabled services.

HVB's noble work and our accomplishments to date were highlighted to the leadership team of IQVIA by an ex-trustee of HVB, following which the company selected HVB as a potential contender for their prestigious CEO Team Award.

From amongst many contenders and against fierce competition, the entire work force of the company unanimously chose HVB to be the worthy winner because of our commitment to healthcare.

As always, like all donations received, this donation too, will make a significant impact in the treatment and care of hundreds of poor and destitute.


HVB donated over £10,500 (Ind Rs 900,000) to Sri Sai Seva Charitable Trust in Navsari, Gujarat, India in November 2017. This trust runs a school and a resident hostel for young children. It conducts Educare and Medicare mission of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and is well known amongst the 101 Sathya Sai Schools in India. The school conducts medical camps and gram seva activities regularly for benefit of poorest of poor people in the region.


Dr Anil Kumar, Chief Cardiothoracic Surgeon, sent in a report that his team performed several heart operations on poor people. Our members will be pleased to know that HVB made direct contributions to at least 25 operations in his hospital. The heart surgeries performed included complex angioplasties and replacement of mitral and aortic valves which gave a new lifeline to these patients and indeed their families.


HVB continues to positively impact the work undertaken by its "sister" organisation VIRAT HOSPICE. The management team at VIRAT honoured HVB by naming their outpatient block as HVB OPD block.

The management at the Virat Hospice have advised that 730 terminally patients have registered so far since they started this specialist care in April 2013.

At present 22 patients are receiving expert care provided by 12 attendants some of whom are patients' family members. Full nursing care is available for all patients and with their new institution have a capacity to treat 48 patients. The Hospice complex has all the modern facilities provided in a clean environment. Their work is constant meditation in which there is always a need to help the people who embrace the ideal of charity.

The Hospice has reported that with God's grace and HVB's continuous support these patients are able to have peaceful, comfortable and dignified passage in their last span of life.


HVB was honoured with a visit by Dr. Akhilesh Gumashta a Sr Orthopaedic Surgeon & Traumatologist, National Hospital, Jabalpur and Medical Director, Virat Hospice & Cancer Centre.

Sri Gumashta spent an afternoon at Sai Shivalya with the trustees of HVB and gave an eye opening and an inspirational insight into the work being undertaken at the Hospice and the pivotal role being played by HVB in the establishment and running of the hospice on a day to day basis. Sri Gumashta commented "the hospice is making progress in leaps and bound, and this is possible only because of the grace and "Kripa" of the lord and unwavering support of HVB."

A few snippets from Dr Gumashta's presentation:

Hospital Building in the New Campus
Cancer Sceening Camp on World Hospice Day - 14th Oct 17
Deepawali Festival

Dr Gumashta honoured HVB by way of launching his book - "Scalpel Indites, Diary of a Surgeon"

The trustees of HVB are of the opinion that we all at HVB are truly blessed by our beloved master that HE is allowing us to witness and participate in HIS mission through his own creation - HVB.


The state president of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Gujarat reported that on average 70 surgeries are carried out per month.

To date HVB has donated two Phaco machines to this hospital. This machine helps in removal of cataracts. The machines provide state of art eye care to the most vulnerable and needy people.

Phacoemulsification is a modern cataract surgery in which the damaged eye lens is emulsified and removed using an ultrasonic handpiece.


HVB has donated a dental chair, sterilizer, compressor and accessory equipment to state of Gujarat. This chair will be used by volunteer dentists to carry out free treatment on old and young needy patients.


The management at the clinic reported that free treatment was provided to following: -382 patients in September 2017, 395 patients in October 2017, 379 patients in November 2017 and 450 patients in December 2017. Dental care provided consists of consultations, fillings, scaling, extractions, root canal treatment and routine emergencies. As you can notice from the figures the demand is rising steadily as more people become aware of this centre of dental health. In fact, the people have other ailments and the demand has led for the management team to start providing free medical care with a doctor's clinic as well.

The management at the clinic thanked HVB for continuing to provide support as it enables them to run two dental treatment rooms every day of the year (except Sundays).


This hospital has been operating since 2009 with Bhagawan Baba's blessings and providing free care to all patients. Patients come from 129 villages some of which are in excess of 70 kms away.

Nearly 231,000 patients have accessed this facility since inception, of which 32,346 were treated in 2016 and a similar number in 2017.

The hospital conducts about ten satellite medical camps in remote villages every month in which over 1,000 patients are treated. Over 100 eye operations are routinely carried out every month. The general hospital and its subsidiary projects has been accredited as a Model Village as their services have expanded from medical, social and educational benefitting thousands of people. The hospital continues to expand with its own projects by building schools, vocational training centres, educating parents on children's education by teachers going to villages every month, Patsalas, temples, giving free meals to patients and temple devotees. All this is done selflessly in the spirit of brotherhood of man and giving joy and happiness to all.

The hospital has thanked HVB for providing support and enabling it to grow and treat so many poor and elderly people in so many different ways.


HVB donated GBP 10,000 to the Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry, towards the purchase of an ambulance to support their ongoing project - Sanjeevan - Palliative care


  • UNIFORM for all children at Bukkapatnam School
  • MOBILE MEDICARE PROJECT - Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust - Mumbai
  • MEDICAL CAMP - Medical Camp SSSSO Maharashtra and Goa Medical Camp
  • FREE LUNCH for the poor and destitute - SSS Sadhna Trust for Nitya Anna Seva (Meals donation)
  • NARAYAN SEVA - Regular Narayan seva every month in Mumbai and surrounding area

A recent development: HVB is more and more approached directly by patients / patient's relatives or other likeminded charitable organisations seeking direct financial support for medical treatment, be it related to cardiology, cancer or any other.


Our lord did not come to give salvation He came to serve the poorest of poor and HVB is blessed and honoured to participate in His mission.

Plans for 2018

At HVB we continue to receive requests from individuals who are in dire need of funds to pay for their life saving operations. We fund these surgeries after carefully evaluating reports of doctors and surgeons.

Cancer Prevention

Now that the VIRAT Cancer Hospice is settled in the new location and with the resultant enhanced publicity of the work being undertaken, have seen a sharp increase in the demand, with 100% occupancy most of the time and the waiting list getting longer. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. We therefore plan to open a cancer prevention centre within the premises where health education workshops, seminars and programmes to will be run to bring awareness/prevention of cancer.


Facilitate more heart surgeries particularly complex paediatric cases and new born.

Increase our commitment to adult valve replacement surgeries.


With the additional purchase of the dental chair and increased funding to the dental clinic, we anticipate an increase in the demand for dental treatment. We plan to support and facilitate the increased demand.

Pothapalli Hospital and Model Village

A number of initiatives are already under way at HVB sponsored Pothapalli village and Hospital.

  • Orphanage for infant Girls. A totally Women Centric project -i.e. of Women, By Women, For Women.
  • Increase activity at Deena Bando Project where free food is provided to the poor.
  • Facilitate Veda Patasala

HVB does not carry out any activity to raise funds for the causes. All the good work being undertaken is only possible due to the generosity of our members and well-wishers. We look forward to your continued support.

The members of HVB are truly blessed and are SAILENT recipients of the heartfelt blessings of the poorest of the poor beneficiary.

With Gratitude and Humility

Trustees - Heart Valve Bank

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